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the first hnly henley

Published July 15, 2019
Author Derek Patton

Our first shipments went out this weekend and we are excited for everyone to try on their own henley. This first production run only includes about 1000 shirts and at that quantity we had to limit our colors and sizes. If you all feel the same about these shirts as we do then a second production run will be prepared and we plan to add XL and two new colors. The new colors are TBD at the moment so feel free to send us your thoughts! 

And send us your thoughts on anything for that matter! We appreciate any and all feedback and we want to be the most accessible brand you've ever interacted with. In the meantime, we are going to get to work on understanding social media because we are a bit old school in that regard. Hence, our first blog post ever. 

the first hnly henley

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