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HNLY Journals Ep. 2 "Vamos a Costa Rica con Nosotros Tequila"

Published July 07, 2022
Author Derek Patton

Last April the crew flew out to Costa Rica to spend a few days with our good friends behind Nosotros Tequila. We've talked about evolving the HNLY Journals series into a showcase for other brands and entrepreneurs that we love and this is our first crack at it. Nosotros is run by Carlos Soto, Michael Arbanas & PJ Dwyer so in this episode you get to know them individually while also getting a feel for what the brand is all about. The entire trip was filmed and we were mic'd up 24/7 so you can imagine the editing process (haha!). Our good buddy Wil Granaderos was in charge of the entire filming aspect and we couldn't be more grateful for him lending his expertise and providing a finished product that we're all proud of.

You'll get a little feel for the different Costa Rican micro-climates, join us for dinner and conversation surrounding entrepreneurship & hopefully run into a few laughs along the way. Check it out at the link below and let us know you think. Ep. 3 coming soon.

HNLY Journals Ep. 2 "Vamos a Costa Rica con Nosotros Tequila"

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