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Published March 31, 2022
Author Derek Patton


Writing to you from Mexico City where I am spending one month meeting local entrepreneurs and exploring the neighborhoods. Photo shown is at a unique place here in Roma, CDMX called Ethical Fashion Space. One of the first meetings I had was with Mafe Cubillos, founder of LeComf, a sustainable women's clothing brand. Mafe & I made quick friends and she sweetly began introducing me to her friends & others in the industry.

A few days later we had lunch (two hours+) with Mirielle Acquart who is a connector in the fashion industry here -- founder of the aforementioned EFS -- and learned how we could partner. Studio space in Mexico City, manufacturing partners (our metal buttons), Latin models, etc. Very cool meeting and someone we will work with at some point.

Over the weekend I met with another stud, Juan Jaramillo, who owns a chain of restaurants here and is currently building Pari, a Drizly like start-up that is currently seeing 8,000 DAU. Juan & I also planned on a quick lunch and were bouncing around Roma for about 10 hours... un mas un mas. All of these meetings stem from messages on LinkedIn fyi

A couple recs. La Barra de Fran is a little Spanish restaurant in Polanquito I'm obsessed with. Small beautiful spot with perfect tapas and staff that makes you feel like family. Turix continues to be the best quick service taco joint in the area, especially for Cochinita Pibil (yucatan style pork taco). Rosetta & Ling Ling are the "IT" spots at the moment - so much so that I have not gotten in. 

Different direction now....our most recent IG post shared a bit of background on myself and Jordan as the co-founders. Take a look if you get a second but basically we are hitting a new phase with HNLY and following advice from others we are going to bring you into our lives and add a bit more personal touch through the blog, social media, etc.

A brief background, in addition to HNLY, I work for a large engineering Company who has graciously allowed me to build HNLY simultaneously AND do it while traveling the World these next few months, years. The plan is to visit each Country one month at a time and have meetings setup before arrival with local entrepreneurs, digital marketers and anyone else keen to network and make a new friend. Continuing the theme of introducing HNLY to one person at a time but now on a global scale. Conveniently enough, Jordan also maintains a day job running international growth for a recycling company and will be able to meet me at various stops along the way. We will share our favorites.

HNLY Updates

No more fulfillment partner! We moved our inventory back to the same shop in LA where we handcraft each shirt. HUGE development from an ops standpoint and we are excited to get back to adding personal touches to each order.

Women's HNLY & XXL will be available in April along with a full re-stock. Next development... baby HNLY

As always, reach out any time to chat. Love hearing from everyone. Thank you for reading & talk to you soon. 






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