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Published January 12, 2023
Author Derek Patton

When you have a firm grasp on what's important to you and what makes you happy, it's easy to recognize excess. The trick is to not let let that place you've arrived at start to feel stale or monotonous. Things change over time and what's important to you & what makes you happy will evolve but the first point remains. 

This is a nice morning thought and also one way to let you know that we are going to continue keeping things simple here at HNLY! Haha...

We're pumped about the response and month over month growth with our latest product - the Stevie HNLY - and we will work towards a short sleeve option there but this Year will be about continuing to hammer home our original styles and introducing more and more people to the brand.

One area we do plan to invest more heavily into this year though is original content. Video, photography, all of the above. We are heading to Africa in April for a no-frills motorcycle trip with a good group of friends and are excited to take you all with us as much as we can. 


This approach allows us to spend more time on QC and continue to throw a magnifying glass over everything existing and one thing that led us to recently is our hats. In a month or so, we will have new & improved black trucker hats that will be water-proof and sweat-proof so that they last longer for you guys - can handle runs, the beach, etc. An investment we won't be building into your cost - just something we wanted to be better.

As always, we're avail to you all any time & love to hear from you. Have a great day.


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