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Published May 17, 2021
Author Derek Patton


Damn, ya'll! We've been skimpin' on the BLOG but I promise it won't happen again. A LOT going on. We just returned from Costa Rica where we shot our 2nd video with a few good buddies who happened to be badass entrepreneurs. We're excited for you to check that out and would really appreciate feedback once that's live. This 2nd video is our first of a little entrepreneur series we are hoping to roll out where we hang with folks building a biz we think is cool and interesting and hope you will too. Entrepreneurs reading this... reach out to us!

Product-wise we have a big batch of shirts finishing up sewing this week which we will then dye, button up and get packaged to replenish inventory for summer. ETA end of May. At the moment we are sold out of almost half our SKU's! Wild! Stoked to have a real business going here. 

What are we missing? Your favorite color? More tees? Let us know. 

Our next new thang, our first Women's HNLY, is in the design stage and we are hoping to have that released by Labor Day. It is going to be somewhat similar to our Venice HNLY with some mods and in a slightly different but still organic cotton fabric. Leaning towards naming that one "Stevie" after a badass woman we love. Thoughts? 

A review of our Bourdain HNLY just popped up on Youtube. You can check that out here....

The World is opening up and we are pumped to get some events rolling again. Stand-up comedy, food/drink pop-ups, etc. Stay tuned for that and if you have a fun idea we'd love to hear it.

Have a great week!



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