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one hundred days of henleys

Published October 24, 2019
Author Derek Patton

250+ orders in the first 100 days! What a whirlwind and we have big news for the big guys...XL is on the way! Those should be ready to ship out in early December and we'll also have two new colors AND a new style to introduce.

Our latest style may just be our new favorite and it will of course be a henley BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT WE DO!

Keep the photos coming in! We love seeing you rock your hnly doing what you love. Chefs, athletes, comedians, entrepreneurs. You're all badasses and it sounds like that style and versatility you were looking for is coming through.

Our first launch party is still in the works and we will post an update as soon as we get further along with this second production. Nothing too crazy we just want to get everybody together to have fun for a few hours and show you a good time in appreciation for giving us a shot in these early days. 

Happy Halloween. Stay weird.


one hundred days of henleys

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