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October 20

Published October 20, 2021
Author Derek Patton

Hello again,

We are just a few weeks away from unveiling our first ladies HNLY. Look for that to be live on the website in December at the latest. The team is still going back and forth on names for that one. Any ideas?! 

Our Costa Rica trip earlier in the year with Nosotros Tequila & their team was filmed and we are excited to release the video of that trip within the next few weeks as well. These videos are our 'toe in the water' way of continuing to introduce ourselves and our friends to you all. We hope you enjoy them & we'd love to hear feedback. 

This never flows does it? We hop. Update hop. 

2022 is around the corner and it looks like it will be HNLY's year to start bringing on full-time employees. Woah. A little over two years in and it looks like this is gunna get serious! We're nutty about it. What will that mean? More shoots, content content content, right?! It will also mean more products. Henleys are the theme and always will be but we're interested in nailing a few other mainstays. One shot at a few other essentials with badass raw materials and a little chisel using our design chops. Know of something that needs a HNLY take? Reach out!

HNLY US Road Trip is another idea we are bouncing around. Visiting a few of the Cities that make up the bulk of our customer base. Chicago, Miami, Nashville, NYC to name a few. We'd like to meet ya'll and host events centered around food/drink,  motorcycles & stand-up comedy. If you are interested we'd love to hear from you on that as well.

As always, reach out any time and enjoy your fall.

October 20

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