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eleven months. turning fans into customers.

Published June 18, 2020
Author Derek Patton

Other than HNLY we've spent most of our savings on traveling the past few years. While traveling we've met friends who are locals to the area and we try our best to acclimate and blend in with their culture, language, etc.

Our language skills are often met by laughs but we always find a way to convey our message in the local language. It usually translates to "I hungry", "I go now", etc. but it works!

This eliminates a lot of wasted words, wasted conversation and I want to try to do that with this blog.

HNLY started off as a passion project for us. We wanted a better henley and we wanted our friends to have better henleys too. We also needed them to be available the second we wanted them. 

After eleven months its clear now that this can be a real business for us. A livelihood. So we want to hear from you. Being a fan of the brand and lifestyle we champion is great but what will make you a permanent customer? 

If price is the issue, i'd ask you to reconsider the value. We went out and sourced high quality natural fabrics along with thoughtful consideration to each component (buttons, labels, etc.) and we make the shirts locally - partially by hand! 


We're confident that you'll be a believer once you get your first shirt and we're seeing that already with 30-40% returning customers this early on. Buy 10-15 shirts the rest of your life instead of 50 and pair down your wardrobe to just your favorites. It takes the guesswork out of what to wear every morning and you'll look good in any situation. 

If it's not price what is it? We know we could do a better job conveying size and we're hoping to add a studio shoot soon to add more close-up fabric shots but let us know your thoughts. Can't wait to hear from you all. Appreciate all opinions and feedback.

eleven months. turning fans into customers.

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