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henley loving ambassador program

Published February 11, 2020
Author Derek Patton


We've heard from many of you regarding an ambassador program and we are finally ready to put the wheels in motion towards starting one. If you are interested and passionate about the clothing industry (and henley shirts!) we would love to hear from you. 

This is something that we want to limit to a select few who feel connected to what we've shown as a brand thus far with hnly and not something that we want to feel transactional.

For us, hnly is a vehicle to illustrate our passions and include them in our work lives. Our "models" are us and our friends. We really do wear these shirts everyday and ride motorcycles every chance we get. Ideally, you would share the love of outdoors and these other interests with us. 

It'll feel more like an internship and you will work directly with us. We're excited to meet you and look forward to hearing from you. Please email with your background, interest, ideas, ideal compensation, etc.


henley loving ambassador program

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