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500 orders!

Published March 12, 2020
Author Derek Patton

500 orders in six months! Love it. We are hitting our stride and appreciate the re-orders from you loyal henley lovers. The next few months we are hoping to get to San Diego, San Francisco and a few of the National Parks that we're surrounded by for more shoots. We love them since the "models" are our friends and the motorcycles are ours... it's basically just an excuse to hangout! 

We've got 4 styles in 5 colors now and those are all here to stay. What's your favorite? What colors would you guys like to see in the future? We are big on earthy tones so thinking a burgundy or beige potentially. Ultimately we're going to keep it simple so don't expect crazy colors and we hope that you will consider that with your wardrobe too. The carry-on only way to dress!

Event wise we are eager to try out some new things. We've done comedy and motorcycle events but what else should we try? Don't hesitate to reach out if you feel like you have something in common with us. We love meeting new people and hearing about what you're working on and passionate about in your own lives. Follow our IG stories ( and say hi when we are in your City!

Other / Random....

Comedians we've seen lately that we like: Lachlan Patterson, Sam Morril, Jason Cheny, Adam Ray, Francisco Ramos & Tom Green (!). 

Womens henley shirts are in an early design stage and we hope to release those in the fall.

We are anti-recline on planes.

Forrest Gump is the best movie of all time. 

500 orders!

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