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Published July 12, 2020
Author Derek Patton

Our first year is in the books! As first time entrepreneurs and new entrants into the fashion business we were served countless lessons. Nothing is as we thought it would be. Not sales, not our average customer, color and style favorites etc. 

But despite the hurdles and missteps along with a pandemic/recession it feels like HNLY is here to stay. We are happy with all of the measurables and we feel like we have the makings of a very cool community that we are proud to be a part of. 

Year one was about the non-sexy low cost foundation building fundamentals. Meet a few customers every day and build a personal connection. Build out social media channels and our identity. Learn inventory management with a low SKU count, etc. (Happy to talk more in depth about this piece with any of you btw!)

Year two certainly brings plenty more of that but we are also ready to add some flavor to that base and maybe even a little gasoline. Our first women's henley should be released soon. We are looking at alternate premium fabrics to work with and advertising is a real possibility now that we've got some revenue to reinvest.

Ultimately still tracking towards being your go-to for henley shirts 24/7/365. And not simply the best availability but the best period. 

1 Year

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Mike Soboleski

Mike Soboleski

November 30, 2020

Good Luck and keep learning, good move on women` s line.
Keep grinding and moving!

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